About us

Welcome to the Official KLM ENTERTAINMENT website.

Our motto and slogan at KLM ENTERTAINMENT is: WE LOVE TO ENTERTAIN YOU! We strive to live up to our slogan and bring you world-class entertainment and music events. At KLM ENTERTAINMENT our focus is on keeping our customers entertained and served in a manner that befits the talent and stars we bring you. Our staffs are multilingual and can speak in many languages which include Dari, Pashto, English, German, Dutch, Urdu, Hindi and Russian.

KLM ENTERTAINMENT came about from a desire for high-quality entertainment production for the Afghan audiences worldwide. Our founders came to see a huge opening in this area and launched KLM ENTERTAINMENT to fill this gap and serve Afghan music lovers all over the world with holding world class entertainment and music events.
Our resolve from day one has been to raise the standards in this field in such a way that would place Afghan concerts and productions at par with the rest of the international community. KLM ENTERTAINMENT has already made its mark in the following fields and will continue to do so in the future:
Concerts / Music Events

In a short span of time, KLM ENTERTAINMENT has produced and organized multiple trendsetting concerts all over Europe and North America. We have brought top-notch talent on stage and have held numerous sold out concerts. The concerts have been well received, very much in demand and greatly appreciated in the Afghan community. We have paid particular attention to the quality of sound, staging, lighting, security and venues of these concerts. All our concerts have met or exceeded those of internationally accepted standards.
At KLM ENTERTAINMENT, we strive to bring you concerts that would bring your favourite artists face to face with you, and make the audience feel welcomed, safe, secure and most importantly ENTERTAINED. We make sure families, couples, singles and the young feel at ease and secure in our concerts and pay absolute attention to the security of our concerts and our audiences.