About us

Welcome to the Official KLM ENTERTAINMENT website! While we keep you update,we are at your service in 5 languages Dari-Dutch-English-German-Russian

We created this page to inspire you and get to know each other a little better.We will keep you update and encourage you to share your experience,comments and suggestions.We value your feedback and thank you for helping us improve our Entertain products and services.

KLM came about from a desire for high quality entertainment production for the Afghan market. Something the founders of KLM felt was missing. The resolve is to raise the standards in this field in such a way that would place Afghan concerts and productions at paar with the rest of the international community. KLM  wants to make its mark in the following fields:


In a short span of time, precisely, from the Summer of 2008 till now, KLM has produced and/or organized multiple trend setting concerts all over Europe and North America. These concerts have been most popular and much appreciated in the Afghan community. The quality of sound, staging, lighting and venues of these concerts have met or exceeded those of internationally accepted levels.
We at KLM  strive for concerts that would bring your favorite artists face to face with you, and make the visitor feel welcomed, safe and secure. We want families to feel just at ease in our concerts as the young and the single.

Videos/Music Clips

The first series of clips that we produced included crowd pleasers such as „Life“ of Farhad Shams & Samir Rohesh  and “Saqi and Qawali song  of Talented Ali Etemadi went on to become the Song of the Year at Tolo Tv.was nominated for Best Video.  presented artist Farhad Shams & Samir Rohesh  her award on bahalf of Tolo tv in Afghanistan . KLM intends to produce video clips our artists that would stand out from the rest—both technically and artistically.

 Studio Facilities 

 KLM,s sound-studios is in San Francisco  Munich and Rotterdam we are working towards turning it into a state of the art facility for artists, composers, arrangers and producers. This facility will produce and record arrangements with the same high quality as “Qarsak” and “Maza meta”. This facility can also be used for recording TV shows for both live and recorded programming. This studio is backed-up with IT technology that allows for instant transfer of sound and video data from our server to anywhere in the world.


KLM Entertainment is the exclusive copyrightholder of the producedsongs and videos.Please contact us for purchasing of rights to use.“